ISO/IEC 27701 Personal Data Management System Lead Auditor Training

ISO/IEC 27701 Personal Data Management System Lead Auditor Training

Mustafa Mert EKİN
Start : 24 Oct 2022 22:11 Finish : 28 Oct 2022 22:11
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Purpose of Education

According to the ISO 27701 standard, adding controls on personal protection can be carried out for the personal data management system.

ISO 27701 Head Training enables you to develop the widely accepted technical specifications, their applications and features necessary for the design of a Personal Data Management System (PIMS / PIMS).

Who Should Attend?

Improving Personal Data Management System (KVYS / PI) certification audits and desired MS,

Consultants who want to specialize in a KVYS (KVYS / PIMS) audit process,

Persons from the details of Personal Data Management System (KVYS / PIMS) compliance,

Technical information for which Personal Data Management System (KVYS / PIMS) preparations are to be made,

Advisors who are experts in the definition of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Content of the Training:

- ISO/IEC 27701 Personal Data Management System,

- PIMS specific to ISO/IEC 27001,

- Guidelines and Requirements Specific to KVYS related to ISO/IEC 27002,

- Additional ISO / IEC 27002 guidance for Data Controllers,

- Additional ISO / IEC 27002 Guidance for Data Processors,

- ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Annexes,

- Personal data terminology,

- Personal data management system,

- the definition, reason and characters of the inspection,

- Role and situation in the audit,

- Auditor features,

- control techniques,

- Audit planning and management,

- Preparation of question lists,

- Performing the audit,

- Reporting of the audit,

- Corrector and they will go to school,

- Practical exercises,

- In the lead auditor exam.


Those who pass the exam will have ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Personal Data Management System Lead Auditor Training (Exemplar Global Approved) Certificate.

Those who fail will receive certificates of participation.

Note: If our participants have the more comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS, the training process will be organized as 24 hours (3 days).

Duration of Training: 40 Hours (5 Days)