ISO/IEC 22301 İş Sürekliliği Yönetim Sistemi Baş Denetçi Eğitimi

ISO/IEC 22301 İş Sürekliliği Yönetim Sistemi Baş Denetçi Eğitimi

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Start : 31 Oct 2022 22:31 Finish : 04 Nov 2022 22:31
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Purpose of Education:

ISO 22301 Lead Auditor Training, Information and system required to manage First, Second and Third party iSYS information as well as ensuring business continuity.

Who Can Attend the Training?

Information Security Lead Auditors Business Continuity Managers, Risk Managers, IT Managers, IT Managers or Consultants,

As you will be involved in bringing the ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System standard in a seminar,

Business Continuity Management and Continuity Management System purchasing system managers,

Business Continuity Management and Business Continuity Management System is about to be completed, Internal and External Auditors.

Content of the Training:

- Business continuity terminology,

- Compliance with the applicable,

- To interpret the requirements of ISO 22301 standards in a trial,

- Inspection, types and resource requirement,

- Auditor and Lead Auditor collection and collection,

- Disclosure of plans to be made for a planning, progress, follow-up and follow-up in accordance with ISO 19011 (according to ISO 17021, where applicable),

- Asking, interviewing, interviewing, interviewing, making

- Supervision and regulation,

- Nonconformity, killed,

- Follow-up operations,

- Chief Auditor Exam.


“Example ISO 22301 Business Continuity System Lead Auditor Training Certificate” and “examples” of successful training in international education are exhibited.


Organization personnel for developing and advancing the quality management system, standard in accordance with the ISO 22301 Standard, and managers and teams in this assignment Internal BCMS referrals.

Duration: 5 Days