About Us

About Us

Who are we..?

Data Security Academy 2017 studies were carried out. It provides training, auditing and consultancy services on management systems to many national and international administrations.

Our Education Services

Data Security Academy Exemplar Global is a training provider. Technological service and personnel training programs are organized. Our corporate training side is available in our next public trainings. Our trainings are given by instructors who are experts in their fields. Our Lead Auditor Training Examples Global training is accredited trainings and has international validity.

Our Consulting Services

digital presidential transformation office information and communication guide compliance processes, 6698 Personal Data Protection Law Compliance Processes (DPR), as well as International, 277001 BYS, KVYS, 22301 İSYS, 9001 KYS) etc.

Our Audit Services

digital presidential transformation center information security and communication support harmonization, 6698 personal data protection law harmonization, European Data Regulation (GDPR) compliance audits, ISO management systems audits are carried out by experts.